Practicing What I Preach

This is my 192nd post in this blog and I want to thank those of you who have been reading my thoughts on a regular basis. 

Since I try to practice what I preach, I regularly reevaluate what's working and what's not and where I spend my time, and I've realized I have to put this blog on hold for now. 

This is in part since I'm also writing posts for the Women Career Changers blog and it's hard to do two at the same time, but also because I'm in transition myself and much energy and time need to be devoted to finding the next right opportunity. (I'm looking for a COO or VP Operations role in NY or remotely, in case you know of anything.)

You can still read my thoughts at my other blog, although they're slanted towards transition and not "business common sense" or business books, and you can follow my business book ratings on goodreads.

And you can also reach out via this blog or my website if I can help in any way.

I wish you much success and learning, whether via business books or life.

Bye for now,

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