How to Figure Out What Next When Transitioning

If you're like most people I know, you've found yourself between jobs and wondering "now what?" at least once in your life. Laura Berman Fortgang, author of Now What? Know Who Your Are and Get What You Want, 90 Days to a New Life Direction, takes you through an entire program on how to get unstuck.

Laura, who herself went through a career transition earlier in her life and has since coached many others on how to do so, takes us through the program she does in-person with her clients. The book is meant to take the entire 90 days, with each chapter representing a week's worth of reading, introspection, and contemplation. I admit I didn't do all the exercises nor take 90 days to get through the book, but it was still interesting.

The book and program are meant to help you figure out your "it"—your purpose—so that you can get back on your Life's Blueprint. Laura takes us through an exploration of our past since it is often the clue we need to figure out what our purpose is. Part of this is looking for patterns and activities you enjoyed back then; the other part is getting through the mental hangups and false beliefs that may block your purpose and happiness.

Laura then explains that our purpose is probably right in front of our noses. What do others keep asking your help with? What do friends and family believe you're all about? And what is the essence of your dream without the package that may not be possible?

Each step of the program is depicted with anecdotes from either Laura's own life or from those of her clients. It was very interesting reading how they got clarity and ultimately happiness by asking these questions and figuring out their purpose.

And the book does not recommend giving up your day job to live on purpose alone: it recommends planning for the transition. Laura even has a chapter that helps people learn to track their finances, budget, and cut costs if necessary. 

Have you ever found yourself stuck and unsure what's next? How did you figure out how to go forward?

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