Rebrand Your Value

In her first book, Knowing Your Value, Mika Brzesinski taught women how to figure out their value and ask for what they're worth. In her second book, Grow Your Value: Living and Working to Your Full Potential she addresses an equally difficult topic: finding and growing your value both professionally and personally.

As Mika herself has had to learn, and as shared by the successful women whose words and stories she includes, when mothers succeed, they often feel guilty for neglecting their family and children. This trade-off is often at the expense of their personal value and many handle this with differing degrees of success.

Ultimately what Mika learned is that it's equally important to grow your personal value, find time to recharge, and find a way to integrate both personas so that neither is starved. Instead of pretending to be always on and upbeat for her family, she now takes the time to truly connect and even disconnect with them.

Mika also has a chapter specifically geared towards Millennial and entrepreneurial woman and their unique challenges, and then another on rebranding and starting a second career.

I found the latter chapter really interesting. Mika includes stories of how successful women have used hardships, layoffs, and their passions to find their callings or a new career that was an even better fit for who they had become. Given my own period of transition, I needed to read these words of wisdom and their underlying message.

As one of the women interviewed explained, she realized one of the things she was really good at—motivating staff and speaking to people at all levels—was not evident on her resume. Once she became aware of this and was able to frame her experience from that context, opportunities began presenting themselves.

Have you had to rebrand yourself? How did you go about it?

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