New Format for Most Posts

For those who have been reading my blog from the beginning, which was amazingly over a year ago, you know that most of my posts revolve around a business book without technically being a review of that book. A few posts were about business topics that resonated with me without being tied to a book, but those were few and far between.

I have to admit that one of the reasons I moved to a once a week posting was that I was finding it hard to write. I still read, both business books and occasionally fiction, but just didn't feel like writing about them, even when I enjoyed the book. The once or twice I tried, I ended up deleting my draft.

Fortunately when writing was easy and I was doing it on a regular basis, I had accumulated so many drafts that I still have 20 more I have yet to publish. But those are just 20...or 5 months' worth. I wasn't sure what I would do afterwards but feared I'd have to shut down the blog.

Goodreads has just given me a great solution. Although I give books star ratings all the time, I haven't often written an actual review and just noticed these reviews can be now linked to your blog. So going forward, unless I'm posting one of the original 20 drafts (which I will eventually), or be compelled to write a new post, I will instead post goodreads business book reviews here. 

I hope you still find them useful and continue reading, and if you've read any of the books I have or have ones to recommend, I'd love to hear from you.

Keep reading and learning,

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