Beware Burnout

With more people juggling jobs plus side hustle plus family, burning out is something that you or someone you know of may be facing.

Since we all have different reserves, it's hard to know how long you or someone can keep going without enough rest and recharging. 

But if you find yourself—
  • always tired, depressed, cranky, negative, or lethargic 
  • resenting things and people you usually appreciate
  • not having energy for the very things that recharge you
  • regretting ever starting your side hustle
...then chances are you're at or nearing burnout.

None of the above is clinical and you would know best if you're nearing the point of diminishing returns, but if you or someone you know are, there's one of two choices:
  1. ignore the signs, burnout, and then be useless until you recover;
  2. heed the signs and put rest and recharge back into your life, eliminating something else instead.
Obviously option two is what I'd recommend. That requires looking at everything you spend your time on and finding one or two things that can go, so that you have time for yourself. It may be the side hustle, at least for the time being, if it's taking more time and energy than you have to give it at that point. Or it could be an extra book club or activity you don't have to be doing and instead can get extra sleep. Only you can decide what should stay and what can go, but do decide before it's too late.

Do you rest and recharge on a regular basis? 

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