Managing Your Career

Jack Welch spends an entire section of his book Winning on the important topic of managing your career.

One chapter is on how to recognize the right job and how to avoid the wrong one. The five "signals" to look for are—
  1. people: whether you fit in and/or like those you'd work with;
  2. opportunity: whether you will have the chance to grow;
  3. options: whether the company or industry will open doors for you;
  4. ownership: whether you are taking the job for yourself or for others;
  5. work content: whether you love what you'll be doing or not.
Although you may have to choose three or four out of the five, only you can decide what matters most to you.

Jack recommends finding something you love to do with people you love, and doing the job well: this will make work something you look forward to and you a performer who will attract other great jobs.

Jack then spends a chapter on how to get promoted. It starts with delivering sensational performance and not making your boss use political capital to champion you. 

Some other do's mentioned:
  • manage your subordinates well
  • be an early champion of company projects
  • learn from everyone, including your mentors, peers, and the news
  • have and spread around a positive attitude
His last don't: don't let setbacks break your stride.

Great overall advice in a great book and a lot of food for thought. 

Which of the five "signals" could you never give up on? And if you've promoted someone, which of Jack's do's and don'ts resonate most with you?

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