For the Non-Entrepreneurial

Linda Rottenberg wrote the last chapter of Crazy Is a Compliment: The Power of Zigging When Everyone Zags to her two twin daughters. She wanted to give the two budding entrepreneurs some advise on what they will face.

As a mother, worried about the world of work my son will enter in a few years, I can understand why she did this. As someone traversing the transitioning world of work herself, it made me very sad.

There are so many books out there encouraging you to either find your passion or your entrepreneurial spirit. To be remarkable or to turn an industry upside down. As Linda tells her daughters, the world rewards those who can see the gaps between the writing and can figure out how to fill it.

But where does this leave those that are not good at that? The ones who can't see how to disrupt an industry or reinvent a product? The ones not good at generating buzz and hustling? 

Instead of encouraging all our children to become corporate drones, have we just switched to encouraging them all to be daring entrepreneurs? Is there no third alternative?

Fortunately superstars need to hire people good at getting things done and fortunately many of the successful ones are creating great work cultures for the non-entrepreneurial among us. So hopefully the next generation will have more balance and true options, whether they work for themselves or not.

What do you think? Should we train all to be more "entrepreneurial"?

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