Your Self as an Evolving Journey

I usually enjoy taking personality tests (as I've written before), since they teach me something more about myself. The last one I took, Everything DiSC Management Profile (for my Leadership class as part of the Jack Welch MBA) taught me how far I've come.

As per DiSC, I'm a DC: Dominant Conscientious. In brief, that means I'm things like results-oriented, strong-willed, and direct on the dominant side and analytical, precise, and systematic on the conscientious side. It also apparently means that I should have difficulty offering support and encouragement to my staff, not be good at delegating, and find it challenging to allow others a say.

The latter part of the assessment astounded me. I'm far from perfect and am actively looking to learn and improve, but I do know that I am as far from that as a leader and manager as I can get. My husband's reaction: I had started out as a DC but had consciously evolved from there. 

I know that I've actively worked on my leadership and management for years now. It started with me not doing what I hated done to me and what I saw not work for others. It then evolved to reading and incorporating what I've read and feedback I received. And my journey and learning continue.

I've also become more of an ambivert and less of an introvert...and spend a lot of time writing about what I've learned. I have evolved into someone I could not have predicted.

I don't know where my journey is leading me or who I will become in five, ten, or fifteen years from now. This part of the journey has been tough. I've had such highs and lows...and the lows have been too frequent and scary, but I am growing and still evolving.

Someone recently asked me on a scale of one to ten, how close I was to being the person I wanted to become. Despite the current rough patch, I said a seven. I am proud of everything that I'm learning, proud of the tough decisions I've made instead of the easier ones that would have left me a lesser version of myself, and hopeful of what is to come. 

Life is a journey and one's identity is ever evolving. It is up to each of us, with every choice we make, to take a step closer to who we were meant to be. 

So on a scale of one to ten, how close are you to being the person you want to be?


  1. I'm a CD and have also learned to flex into behaviors that didn't come so naturally to me. And I've allowed my intellect to show me the power of priorities such as networking and being more inclusive and affirming. I hope you get a chance to take Everything DiSC Work of Leaders. I've found it more helpful in terms of my leadership journey. For example, it pointed out that I have a problem with seeking counsel from others. Yep, gotta work on that.
    To answer your question, I like myself quite a bit, but I'm probably only a 7. I have a few years left in me to make it to 10.

    1. Hi XteenB,

      I'll definitely have to check out that second type of Everything DiSC test, so thanks for the recommendation, and a 7 is a good place to be, especially if you're aware and consciously on the journey. Networking is something I have to consciously work on, so I can relate. How did you manage to evolve that trait?