To Give Up or Not To?

How do you know when to give up? Whether it's a business idea, new skill you're trying to learn, or an ailing relationship, when is the correct time to admit defeat and move on? 

Honestly, I don't know and every situation will have a different point of no return.

For the relationship....Well, I could say many things but this blog is about business, not personal/relationship issues, so I won't go there. 

For the skill, as long as you're still enjoying it, keep trying.

For the business idea...that one I'm trying to figure out for myself too. Is it when you stop enjoying the idea or when you're out of pivots? Is it when you're out of time and/or money? Is it never if a part of you believes it has merit and it's just about rebranding/reframing it one more time? 

There have been many authors who discussed both failing and persevering. Seth Godin talked about making it through that pit of despair and how the darkest times proceed that breakthrough.

I had the monthly Actionable Book Club meeting recently and we were talking about my last summary, Do Less, Better: The Power of Strategic Sacrifice in a Complex World by John R. Bell. Members were debating about whether they agreed with his concept of focusing on your core to succeed and differentiate. This led to a conversation on how to focus and I admitted I was having a hard time doing this between the two side businesses I'm working on, going back for an MBA, and my job search.

Although my circumstances may be extreme, if you've read any of the productivity books I have or countless others, you know time is finite and every choice you make is saying no to something else. So if you can keep telling yourself that there is nothing you rather be doing at this given moment and/or you could not live with the regret of not seeing this through, then keep going.

If your answer is ever different, then it's time to figure out what else you should be doing instead.

Do you agree? How have you handled similar tough calls?

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