The Power of the Mind

How do you react to extremely bad news? Do you shut down, cry, or get angry? I've done each of the above and/or a combination of them at various points of my life, but I tend to shut down when it's really bad.

By shut down I mean I just zone out. Think zombie. I go somewhere deep to stop feeling, thinking, caring...or anything else that will threaten to push me over the edge. 

But our mind is a wonderful and powerful thing. 

Even when you think you can't handle one more piece of bad news, one more disappointment, one more concern or you will seriously lose figures out how to cope. For me, that's the shut down. I eventually come out of it, usually after collapsing into sleep or being forced to take care of my responsibilities. 

Each day I shut down less and am able to cope more. Each day there is less highs and lows and more just moving on with life. 

Eventually there is even hope.

So however bleak it gets—job loss, business collapse, major expense you can't afford, or G-d forbid even worse—there is always the other side, even if you can't believe it at the moment. 

Fortunately our mind will do what it must for us to get to that other side. 

I hope you haven't had cause to come out of the depths of despair, but if you have, how did you cope?

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