Write to Deepen Your Learning

I was honored to be admitted into the Actionable Book Club earlier this year. Every member of the club has to submit an Actionable Summary each month since as Chris Taylor discovered, and is the idea behind both the club and his company, writing these summaries helps deepen what you learn from your business book reading.

I've now submitted a few summaries of my own, and between the writing I'm doing for the the Actionable Book Club and for my blog, I have seen a definite difference in not only what I learn from the books, but in my thinking.

Since part of me is always looking for my next blog post idea, I've started noticing patterns and lessons not only in books, but in other things I read, actions I take, reactions of others, etc. All of life is food for learning and although I knew this before, I'm more mindful and aware of it now.

And once I come up with an idea, I'm never quite sure what the end result will be. The act of writing it down, then editing and tweaking it, furthers my understanding and learning by forcing me to organize my thoughts and articulate them coherently.

This is also why written "assignments" will be part of every YourMBR offering.

Have you had a similar experience? If not, the next time you need to figure something out, write it down. First just get it all on paper, then go back and edit, organize, and tweak. Let me know if this helps crystallize what your next steps should be.

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