Patience vs. Outsourcing (reposted from Tumblr)

I’m nearly done with Crush It! (by Gary Vaynerchuk) and was just reading an entire section where he recommended patience and hustling. Basically, it takes time and patience to excel at a new skill and then hard work—“hustle”—to become successful. Since he’s the social media master, he applies this to learning how to build and grow your personal brand across various social media platforms.

I recently read Paula Rizzo’s Listful Thinking and especially loved the chapter about outsourcing your life. She and the various experts she cited all believe that one should focus efforts where one is best served and outsource the rest. An example of this would be something you just cannot achieve adequate mastery of in the time needed versus something only you can do for your business.

So does one patiently hustle and build social media (or other expertise) or should one outsource this?

Personally, I think it really depends on whether you enjoy the task and learning it. So much is changing so quickly (Gary wrote about platforms and tools in 2009 that no longer exist today) and learning is actually good for you, so why not try it out for yourself first. You may find that you pick it up quickly and/or even if you don’t, that it’s a task that brings you great satisfaction. If this happens, then by all means patiently hustle and learn. But if you hate it, don’t get it, or just don’t want to spend all that time doing this instead of something else you would enjoy more, then outsource it.

For me, social media is something I’m attempting to learn in the limited time I have, but I know that someone else could do more and better, so I will outsource parts of it.

Have you had to make the choice between patience and outsourcing? If so, which did you pick and why?

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