Migrating from Tumblr and Introduction

When I decided to start blogging again, I was reading Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk, and he recommended either WordPress or Tumblr for blogging. I had some familiarity with WordPress, and knew it was too complicated for my purposes, so decided to try Tumblr instead. Although I liked a lot about my experience, the fact that it didn't allow for subscribing via e-mail, and I think it is known for more non-text blogging purposes, made me decide to migrate back to Blogger, which I had used several times in the past. 

So I'm back...

In the interim, the title of my new blog says it all and is part of why I’m starting and excited about YourMBR. There is so much business (and life) common sense to be derived from books and the world around you: you just have to be open to it and know how to apply it, which I’ll be helping those who sign up for my classes do. I worked really hard to figure out a perfect tagline that captures what I’m trying to do, and I think I got it: Your Mastery of Business Reading—Learn the Skills and Mindset for Success. 

It’s still in its baby stages and I’m looking to hire a freelance social media expert. But in the interim, I’ll keep reading, observing, and when I come across a nugget of “Business Common Sense” I think worth sharing, I’ll do it here.

Until next time.

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